Admission requirements

At Aastha Psychiatric Care Centre have two type of admissions:

We have set of rules for involuntary patients. Relatives need to consult first front desk with all past records of patient (if any). He will sign a document mentioning reason for involuntary admission. Along with this he will submit photo id of patient and guardian.
All above system is kept in place to safeguard patient’s human rights. We follow guidelines from MHCB2017 for admission and treatment of adults and minor.

Types of rooms in hospital

Procedure for admission:

Risk following Admission

  • We recommend to keep one relative with patient preferably close relative all the time. Patients’ language, needs, habits are best known and understood by close relatives. It helps in fast recovery of patient. Beside it provides safety for patients. It helps to prevent fall when drowsy and in washroom.
  • We strongly suggest not to give fluid or food in sleeping position. Also do not give food or fluid in drowsy state. If given sometimes leads to aspiration pneumonia and death.
  • For patient with suicidal thought one relative needs to be present all the time with patient. For female minor one female preferably mother is recommended as per new mental health law.
  • Relatives should not provide phone to other patients for any call. Relatives should not provide tobacco cigarette to any patient in hospital campus.
  • Do not bring any sharp objects like knife in hospital.
  • Relatives should not carry or use any tobacco relate products in hospital campus.
  • if patients are not accompanied by relative risk of possibility of fall and related complication always exits.
  • In any urgent state relative wants to leave campus keeping patient alone, proper information needs to be given to staff.
  • Relatives also helps prevent fight between two patients leading to injury. (which is rare but distant possibility).
  • Fire is very rare but possibility in any setup, hence relatives should know what is escape route from their bed. Escape route are pasted in every room and place.

Visitors Policy

  • We encourage one relative to stay with patient. In case they don’t wish to stay; they need to convey to hospital authorities.
  • We discourage more visitors to see patient in hospital as privacy of other patients might get violated.
  • If at all visitors want to visit we allow daily between 12-3 pm.
  • Visitors cannot take videos or photos when in hospital. They should not give their cell phone to other person or patient for call.
  • Visitors should not carry tobacco cigarette with them when inside hospital.
  • No visitors are allowed chewing tobacco, smoking or in intoxicated state when in hospital campus.