FAQs on Depression

FAqs on Depression
Everyone experiences a range of emotions over the course of days and weeks, typically varying based on events and circumstances. When disappointed, we usually feel sad. When we suffer a loss, we grieve. Normally these feelings ebb and flow. They respond to input and changes. By contrast, depression tends to feel heavy and constant. People who are depressed are less likely to be cheered, comforted or consoled. People who recover from depression often welcome the ability to feel normal sadness again, to have a “bad day,” as opposed to a leaden weight on their minds and souls every single day.
Of people diagnosed with major depressive disorder, who are treated and recover, at least half are likely to experience a recurrent episode sometime in their future. It may or may not be triggered by a life event. After several episodes of major depression, a psychiatrist may suggest long-term treatment.
It is individual choice to seek type of treatment. If already on antidepressant a detail discussion with mental health professional about this needs to done. Pros and cons of leaving antidepressant will be discussed. Tapering of antidepressant is advisable. Possibilities of early signs of relapse need to be understood. Pt with Severe depression is not advisable to seek alternative therapies.
Self-help books help us in recovering from depression but one needs to rationalise our expectation. One should not expect easy and quick fix solution from such books. Beside no single solution works for everyone. One can get good small ideas to implement from such books which help in long run. It should be part of treatment strategy and not whole treatment.
Psychotherapy is seen to be useful if done by professionally trained therapist. In India we have plenty of so-called counsellors doing talk therapy. In such situation u get what u mention above. If done by untrained it can sometimes be harmful. so be careful in choosing therapist. Good therapist will have assessment during first two session (most of time) with plan ready later. One needs to be patient with psychotherapy as it is slow but effective way to recover from depression. No quick fix in any form of treatment.
Many antidepressant medications have side effect. One needs to discuss with mental health professional about intolerable side effect. He will change medication to help u. sometimes one need to trade-off between side effect and efficacy.

Yes. Recent rise in depression among children is raising alarm among mental health professional. Irritability is more a presenting symptom rather than depressed mood. It leads to poor academic performance and future career underperformance.

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