About Aasthaa Psychiatry Clinic

Aasthaa comprehensive psychiatric care unit was established with clear aim to serve psychiatric patient with quality, less restrictive care in clean setup. We design hospital in the way that patients can have lot of space to move with plenty of light and fresh air.
Aasthaa Hospital building



What makes us DIFFERENT

Psychiatric indoor were closed restrictive space where patient was kept and treated. Physical restrain was common. Most of hospital used to keep patients in small room or general ward.

Patients were crammed together. Cleanliness was poor with inadequate ventilation. Many hospitals did not allow relatives to stay with patients.
With clear aim of providing quality mental health services with less restrictive open environment for psychiatric patient, we started this venture. It was first of its kind in central India. We were heartily welcome by all our colleagues who referred patients requiring indoor treatment. We were successful in proving services since inception keeping our aim in forefront.

We are going one step ahead now. We are in process for applying for NABH accreditation for our psychiatric setup. It would be first of its kind of psychiatric hospital having NABH accreditation.


We provide acute care for all psychiatric patients. We have been treating patient with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, alcohol related disorder, cannabis and opioid dependence. Beside this we admit patients with acute suicidal attempts for necessary treatment.
We also provide OPD services for other psychiatric disorder like OCD, Panic disorder, Phobia, Dementia, ADHD etc.

Explain what you're offering them.

We have team of psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist with nursing staff working together.
We are proud to say that after our inception we have served large number of premium persons of society like doctors, industrialist engineers beside people from rural area.

Our Values





Dr. Pawan Adatia

Consultant Psychiatrist,
Mental Disorder Treatment Specialist

Dr. Pawan Adatiya